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Rev. Barry Cammer, M.Div., M.A.

Do you feel stuck? Lost? Depressed? Each of us can experience hard times.  Ideally, we can turn those hard times into positive feelings - Self-acceptance - Self-compassion - and increased compassion for others, and a sense of resilience in the face of future challenges.  I'm a certified Counseling Professional with years of experience, and my mission is to find your hidden potential and give you all the necessary tools to develop and grow.

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Everyone has the potential to live a spiritually intentional and fulfilling life, regardless of faith or religious tradition. As an experienced pastoral counselor and spiritual director, my goal is to help you thrive in your life while helping empower you on your spiritual, religious, or life's path.

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If we're fortunate, our life's journey will span many decades and a host of experiences, all of which shape our daily walk.  Someone once said that it is best to live in the PRESENT, informed by the PAST, with our eyes pointed toward the FUTURE.  Another way of looking at life's journey is to imagine life as the journey of a ship down a large river.  It helps to navigate our lives rather than be merely victim to the shoals and debris that often clutter the river.  

The final metaphor that I offer is that of a cross-country train trip.  We get on the train for a long trip.  There are many who board the train when we do.  Over the course of the trip, a number of those who started out with us get off the train while over that same course a good number of folk get on.  Some travel just a few stops with you while others will take the trip to the end.  

I am not convinced that the most important question is who gets on, who gets off, etc.  Rather, I suspect that one of the measures of our lives is who we will be for each other on any particular stretch, and what we will bring to each person we meet.

Counseling and Life's Journey intersect when we don't seem to be able to navigate our daily lives or our journey without running into obstacles that cause us pain and suffering.  I would welcome an opportunity to assist you in reclaiming your ability to navigate your life and explore the joys and passions that life has to offer you.

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Life overwhelms all of us at one time or another.  Most of the time we have all that we need to navigate the obstacles that keep us from living a full and meaningful life.  But there are moments and even periods in our lives when the challenges we face immobilize us, or at best, keep us living "adequately" rather than abundantly.

It is during these challenging times that a counselor can be quite helpful.  I would welcome a time of listening to your story, holding your story with you, and making room for your reflections on what choices you'd like to make.  One of the first steps is to imagine that there might actually be other ways of thinking; other ways of believing that might bring us closer to our fullest and best selves.

Problem Solving - often best done in dialogue grounded in love and respect.

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"The opposite of love isn't hate.  The opposite of love is fear."

Henri J. Nouwen

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