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If you're on a journey, Rev. Barry Cammer will help you on your way.  He is an extraordinarily gifted pastoral therapist and spiritual director who, in his practice, integrates these gifts.  He is the "Real Thing".

The Rev. Dr. Margaret Kornfeld

I have known Barry Cammer for 18 years and throughout that time he has provided me with innumerable periods of counselling. His style is warm and accepting. He takes the time to fully understand the matters at hand. I’ve found him to be highly intuitive and compassionate in his understanding and very capable in conveying his insights. He has guided me through practical, spiritual and emotional difficulties. This relationship has enabled me to grow beyond my limitations and live in the world effectively and with ease. I could not recommend him highly enough. I’d suggest that if you were considering using a relationship like this, to commit to just one session. That would be enough to realize what a gem this man is to the world.


I saw Barry for grief counseling just a couple of months from losing my husband of 45 years to a horrible aggressive cancer.  It has been three years now and I still look back on the work with Barry as exactly what I needed at the time.  I was floundering with overwhelm and needed to find direction in the “all consuming” nature of grief.  Barry could listen to my nonstop tirade for ever it seems with only a few guiding questions. He was an excellent listener and synthesized what he heard, fed some back to me for clarification, and then gave me an idea for “homework” to focus my grief work.  I badly needed some kind of direction, and it helped.  I’d come away with a clearer understanding of what was going on inside me, and I had a specific job to do for next step.  After three or so such sessions – I tapered off and did more of my own work.  After not hearing from me for several months, Barry called and did a totally unexpected check in!  Barry is a caring soul who helped me launch a new life.


I've received counseling with Barry Cammer on several occasions and couldn’t be more happy with the results. He is always readily available and flexible for meetings. He listens well and encourages just the right amount when needed. He also is ready to share personal experiences and insight to provide context and examples. He really helped my to work through my issues and gain a healthy outlook.


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