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Helping to empower you on your spiritual or religious path.

While Pastoral Counseling includes a level of psychotherapy, Spiritual Direction is designed to help you address a mostly spiritual journey and what "direction" you'd like your journey to have.  While wandering in the desert for months or years may work for prophets of old, most of us do and feel better when our lives have a sense of direction and intentionality, and when we feel connected to something larger than ourselves.  For many, the word "God" fits into this discussion.  For some it does not.  That’s okay.  Let's discover terms that fit your journey.

A healthy spiritual path changes over time, grows, matures, is readjusted and transformed throughout our lives.   One's faith constantly changes as we learn, gain new experiences and reflect upon our life experiences.  

Another important arena for Spiritual Direction is during times of significant illness, dying, and death.  One's own, or the death of a loved one.

Everyone's spiritual journey is unique.  My goal is to assist you in finding the spiritual path that works for you--a path that, hopefully, is filled with love, joy, and meaningfulness.

Come, let's explore the journey together with courage and excitement.  Let me be a dialogue partner for you as you travel this road.

Namaste.  The divine in me greets the divine in you.

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