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Effective immediately, I am available for remote counseling and spiritual direction sessions.  We can connect through Zoom, Facetime, or Messenger Video.  When you contact me, let me know that you’d like a virtual session.

When it is safe, I look forward to offering in-person services again. 

We are truly living in unprecedented times in our country, no matter where you live.  All of us are affected by this terrible Covid-19 pandemic.  It can be a very challenging time of uncertainty for you and for those you love or serve.  

In this era of racial reckoning, many of us are re-examining our life, priorities, careers, our faith, and even our relationships.

The political environment in our nation is unsettling, at best, exhausting and scary at worst

While I can’t fix the world for you, I can help you navigate your life, beliefs, and relationships, so that you can have more clarity of where you are in your life, and how you can move forward with intentionality.

Let me help.

COVID-19: Welcome
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